Village of Lyons

Village of Lyons

Ionia County, Michigan

About Us

The Village of Lyons has been providing quality local living since our founding in 1859. Our mission is to provide a stable community for our citizens. We believe the best way to achieve this is to provide representative local government, respectful responsive service and controlled growth.

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Village of Lyons Council and Staff

Fred Charles serves as Village President and Village Street Administrator.

Kenton Eavey serves as a Trustee, President Pro-tempore.

Max Darling serves as a Trustee, Streets, Water, Sewer & Fire Chairperson and Ordinance Chairperson.

Bernard Russell serves as a Trustee, and Grants Chairperson.

Patty Priest serves as a Trustee, and Parks & Recreation Chairperson.

Joseph Farrington serves as a Trustee, and Personnel Chairperson. 

Erin Randall Serves as a Trustee, and Finance Chairperson.

Ann Schueller serves as Village Clerk. 

Gabriele Charles serves as Village Treasurer.

Lyndon Randall serves as Department of Public Works Superintendent. 

Joshua Dickover serves as Public Works Assistant Superintendent

Amber Dowling serves as Part-time DPW worker